Hello & Happy New Year!! 

You are invited to join the Empowered Oilers Community's 21-Days to Health Program!

First off, you have to know this could be the best "program" you will ever do for yourself. And second (because I know you asking...what is the catch? what is this going to cost me?), this is a FREE PROGRAM. You don't have to purchase a darn thing to participate. You don't even have to buy or use any oils. Am I SERIOUS? Yep!!! I'll tell you more about why we are offering this amazing 21-day program for free in a little bit, but first...let's see if this program is for you.

Would you like...

  • To make that change in your body you've always wanted?

  • To do something different that is easy?

  • To improve your appearance? Your skin? Your weight? Lose wrinkles? Improve your Gut health? Improve Your Joint Health? Improve your Hair & Nails? Improve Your Sleep? Have Loads of Energy?

  • A program that is ALL SPELLED OUT FOR YOU. No brain'er and easy? One that you can make at home or purchase the items you need if you can't make it?

  • the Empowered Oilers to stop talking about fixing the gut and to start showing you how to do it?

You can look forward to these transformations:
-reverse signs of aging
-lose weight
-regain your energy
-conquer metabolic syndrome and diabetes
-get rid of headaches
-overcome bloating, diarrhea, and constipation
-address autoimmune conditions
-reduce the chronic inflammation that’s linked to heart disease, --cancer, and other “aging” diseases

The 21-Day to Better Health will be on breakfast, Jan. 18 and continue through dinner on Feb 7th.

Participation looks like this:
Ok...a little behind the scenes on how this "program" came to be and why we are offering it for FREE. Kim was looking for a nutritional program to Detox after all the holiday crap and came upon, Dr. Kellyann's award-winning 21-detox program. 

Dr. Kellyann has helped hundred of her patients, from Diabetes, to people who are just sick and tired of feeling sick and tired to achieve not only weight loss, but a renewed overall health (why??? because her program is really a gut healing program).

Well, Kim researched the heck out of the program hit ALL her buttons (and the core of this program is healing your GUT)! And she researched it and research it again Until...she thought...WE'VE ALL GOT TO DO THIS TOGETHER! We've all got to heal our guts and look and feel GREAT and now is the time to do it together!

2016 is going to be the best ever and we can ensure this with the best health ever! So - who is IN? Who wants to achieve the best health in like, EVER?

Kim has put this program together in a secrete/private fb group and on the Empowered Oilers Members Only Website and is offering it for FREE to anyone in her Young Living downline and Health Coaching Clients (if you know of someone who is not part of our group and could really use this program...let Kim know ...we are open to helping).

You are probably wondering what is this 21-Day Program and what does it look like. Well...it consists of 3 parts. #1 Food, #2 Fitness, #3 Mindset

Part 1. Food. The Easy Part (and you don't have to give up your cup of Joe or Tea)

This program spells it all out for you. 
#1 You will eat 3 glorious meals a day, plus 2 nutrient-dense, tasty Bone Broth "Snacks". These meals (that you will make or buy) are yummy! and can be made for the entire family. We also have menus and batch cooking ideas so you can prepare everything for yourself and your family ahead of time so you are not doing some "separate" program making double the work on you. See...it's easy! And you will have everything ready to bring with you even if you are that Super Busy Beaver!

#2. 2 days out of the week you will "detox/cleanse" by drinking only fabulous Bone Broths-recipes provided (tons of variety and super yummy). These Bone Broth days are NOT consecutive and can be done ANY day of the week that works for you (research has shown that bone broth are super nourishing and mini cleanse of 1 day are like a super-charge healing experience).

#3. For the program, you will receive easy to follow recipes and menus and if you don't have time to cook...you can actually buy all your own food or make most of it in advance. You can also create your own menu as we have provided a ton options. It's like having 3 weeks of food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) all done for you! That part alone is exciting!

Part 2. Fitness. Another Easy Part
You can continue with your regular fitness routine or we have suggestions too. If you don't exercise now and dread the thought of it....we suggest simple walking that will have a huge boost to your overall health. If you want a bit more than just walking, there will be info included for you to start out and/or to add a few simple exercise.

Part 3. Mindset. The beautiful mind-body connection
We will discuss a healthy mindset and help you balance your emotions so you don't fall into the same old pattern of eating.

It's 21 days of this...(recipes, menus, shopping list, suppot - all included)

  • Water

  • Breakfast (like eggs, sausage, fruit and coffee or tea)

  • Water

  • Lunch (like turkey chili and cauliflower rice)

  • Water

  • Dinner (like Meatloaf, and loaded vegetables)

  • Water

  • Snacks (like desserts or shakes)

  • And 2x a week lots of nutrient-dense, tasty, super yummy, body healing, skin smoothing, energy inhancing, inflammation reducing, immunity building Bone Broth.

  • Repeat

Doesn't that sound easy? Are you ready?
If you are ready to jump aboard and transform along with your Empowered Oilers community...Just respond to this invite by filling out the "I Want to Join" form below and let us know you want in. (This program is super safe as it was developed by a naturapathic MD and can be used for anyone...even people with diabetes and children. Sorry, Pregnant ladies...programs are not recommended for you...but after the baby - you can jump in with both feet!).

Once you are added to the facebook group you can look through the entire program (don't have facebook...we will also have all the details available online), and you can decide even further if this program is right for you. Not for you...just opt out and we will remove you from the group.

Can't start on the 18th? No worries. We'll add you to the group and you can begin when you want to. We are just committed to health here folks!!

I look forward to this journey together and us together making 2016 the happiest and healthy year yet! 

You're In! Be on the look out for your confirmation email.