Your friends and family really do need to know about Young Living!


Share the power of a non-toxic, oily lifestyle! And guess what?  It is so easy to share!! You can invite your peeps to one of our events OR You can host a class. Whether you host or just invite, you will be giving the gift of wellness to your family and friends.  AND for helping our group grow, we will reward you with some goodies!  Like Host Gift Baskets- full of products like Full-Sized bottles of oils or supplements or Personal Care, pet care, baby care or other oily treats!  


Ready to share?  It's easy! 

Looking to invite your friends to one of our classes?  Events can be local or on Facebook!  Double easy!


Step 1. Contact your Empowered Oiler (or team leader, Kim - click here) and let us know you want to share.  Either host your own private event or come to one of ours.


Step 2. Invite 50 of your fb friends to our fb Event page (we will create it - you just add them).  Once all 50 of your fb friends have been invited, let us know and we will personally deliver you an Empowered Oiler Gift Basket!  


Step 3. Check in with your fb friends on the event page a few times before the event and encourage them to come. 


Step 4.  Remind your friends that the class is beginning, join in and share our own oily story.  


Step 5.  Enjoy your Gift Basket and extra treats we reward you with!







Sharing is Caring!