1. Frankincense

  2. Chamomile

  3. Thyme 

  4. Sandalwood

  5. Ledum

  6. Myrtle

  7. Clove

  8. Lemon   

  9. Orange

  10. Tangerine

  11. Lime and all citrus oils are almost all comprised of a natural chemical called Limonene.  Do some research about what limonene can do.

  12. Tsuga

  13.  Idaho Balsam Fir

  14. Copaiba

  15. Palo Santo

  16. Lavender

  17. Geranium 

  18. Palmarosa 

  19. Sage

  20. Rosemary 

  21. Pine

  22. Oregano 

  23. Helichrysum

  24. Fennel

  25. Clary Sage



Essential Oils for Lymphatic System Support

  1. Citrus essential oils, like grapefruit, orange, and lemon for the entire system 

  2. Peppermint, ginger, and rosemary are good for supporting the circulatory system

  3. Myrrh, oregano, cypress, and frankincense can support the lymph nodes




Essential oil supplement for Daily Breast Health Support


To make this you mix up:

  • 20 drops of either orange, sandalwood, myrtle, frankincense or tsuga

  • in 1 tablespoon of olive oil,

  • put in 00-size capsule and take daily as a dietary supplement.  


Or try pre-made capsule from Young Living

called, "Longevity" Softcaps





Do a google search and learn other things these oils can do to support your health!


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