How to have


to PAY for your

Wellness & Household Care


Welcome Everyone!  


Before we get started, please grab a piece of paper and a pen...




Ask Yourself:


What are your wellness goals?

What products would you like to receive from Young Living on a monthly basis?

What products could you buy from Young Living instead of from another company or store?

What would you buy from Young Living if they gave you $1,000 a year to spend with them?





       Write them down.









What can Young Living offer you?


Suggested non-toxic items you could buy from Young Living instead of other companies:

Household Products

  • Oral Care (mouthwash, toothpaste, floss) 

  • Cleaners (household, laundry, dish soap)

  • Soaps (hand soaps, bar-soaps, body wash)

  • Hair Care (Shampoo, Conditioner, DIY's)

  • Deodorant (YL, DIY's, Toothpaste) 


Internal Care

  • Everyday Nutritional Support & Safety-net (Master Formula, life 9, OmegaGize, Longevity, MultiGreens, Kid's Supplements)

  • Seasonal Care (Immune Boost, Allergies)

  • System Care (Brain, Heart, Bones)

  • Energize & Fortify (Need more energy?)

  • Medicine Cabinet/First Aid (for people, kids and pets)


Nutritional Balance

  • Weight Balance

  • Fat Loss

  • Ningxia Red

  • Healthy Snacks