Lynn Veenstra

My Health Supporting Routine


I Wake at 4:45 am - take my natural thyroid - wait a bit then take agilease, powergize, vit d (with K2), vit c, vit b with a lot of water.


Then Make a cup of green tea for my ride to the gym. On way to gym also take one ningxia nitro. Drink a lot of water with lemon essential oil in it - some during workout and finish my bottle on the way home. I also use RC and peppermint during my crosstraining workout to open up my breathing and for more energy and alertness.


Once home I drink a protein shake and take 2 oz ningxia red to replenish my body from the workout. Some workouts leave me feeling more sore than others. To alleviate muscle soreness I use Ortho sport and add in extra oils like panaway, rosemary and balsam fir. It definitely shortens the recovery time.


Sometimes when I experience real discomfort, I use the Cool Azul Pain Cream as I tend to have a lower back that can really annoy me. In the afternoon I will take a few Multigreens and or another ningxia nitro. Something else I add daily, especially in the winter is inner defense and longevity to keep me healthy, no down time and young.


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Kim Schultz-Ferrentino

My Health Supporting Routine


I like to sleep in as long as I can, but have to get up during the week around 6:30am to make a health supporting breakfast for my family.  Every day I make sure to take Master Formula, MultiGreens, OmegaGize, Mineral Essences, Magnesium, Longevity Vit D with Vit k2 and Ningxia Red. My kids also take the MultiGreeens, Magnesium, Longevity and Vitamin D and Ningxia Red too.  If they miss a serving or have a rough week, I throw a travel pack of Ningxia in their lunch bag.  For test taking,  or if I need a pick-me-up, we love using Ningixa Nitros.

We've switched everything out!  We love the lavender shampoo and conditioner, The Thieves Everything!! Toothpaste, mouthwash, laundry soap, dish soap, Thieves household cleaner...it is amazing and so cost effective - I save a ton by using it.  I get all my skin care products for free using my Essential Reward points and my favorites are the Wolfberry Eye Cream, Boswellia Wrinkle Cream and the Orange Blossom Face Wash.  My favorite lotion is either the lavender lotion or the Genius Lotion. 

I make my own deodorant for myself and now my girls make them too.  Click here to see our recipes.