Step 3. Essential Rewards

What the Heck is Essential Rewards (ER)?

Essential Rewards is Young Living's monthly auto-ship program (that is available to all wholesale members) that rewards you for making changes to your lifestyle!  You can choose to join, or not...but it is the best way to get Young Living to pay for your wellness and household care products.  I'll show you how!


These rewards include:

  • Points!  These points are like store credit.  Use them to buy just about anything that is on your list!

  • Reduced Shipping! Young Living gives ER members discounted shipping rates. 

  • Additional Savings on our favorite oils and products with ER exclusive "bundles" (save even more - up to 50% off retail)

  • Additional Monthly Promotions.  Just for placing your monthly order, you will get another free oil or product!

  • Ability to Split you order and still get points on your entire purchase.  Grannie could sure use that Deep Relief and you've got to have your Ningxia! You can send your Ningxia Red to your Beach House and Shutran to hubby at home!

  • Extra Loyalty Oils available only to ER members...stay on the program longer...YL will give you these specially formulated oil blends.

  • More Points the longer you stay on the program!  10% points back.  after 3 months enjoy 20% and after 25 months...receive 25% in rewards points each month!  No other company gives that much back. WOW!!!

  • Change WHICH products and oils you receive  and WHEN your order processes, EVERY month.  

  • You can Cancel Any Time!