When it comes to essential oils there is no greater company than Young Living!  There is no other essential oil company that goes above and beyond when it comes to bringing you the highest quality therapeutic grade essential oil like Young Living.  You really can't even compare them to other companies.  Why you ask?  Try asking those "other" companies these questions (if you ask Young Living...the answer is "Yes"): 


  1. Do they have their own farms?

  2. Do they have their own distilleries?

  3. Do they have their own laboratories?

  4. Are they 3rd party, blind tested?

  5. Are they used in professional facilities like hospitals, doctors and researchers?

  6. Do they take the greatest care in their seed selection, water source, growing procedures?

  7. Are the products they produce beyond just "organic"?

  8. Do they work with the top leading researchers and essential oil experts in the industry and the world?

  9. Do they have one of the highest loyalty rates in the industry?

  10. Do they have an open door policy you could visit any of their facilities, farms, or laboratories any time?  and do they encourage unannounced visitations?

Why would you buy your essential oils from anywhere else?  Read more about this amazing company and why the "Empowered Oilers" are Young Living's biggest fans.


Anyone and everyone can become empowered to care for their own health and we have created a community of supportive, caring members who are there to take your hand and do just that...empower you.     


We spoke about what is our unique selling point. What would make people want to connect with us. We are a collective group of nutritionists, fitness instructors, crystal gurus, moms and users of the oil. We are about community, support, empowerment, free thinking and free speaking.  


One thing that is the upmost importance to us, is the quality of the product and educating the public about essential oils.  To do this, we've created a fb community called, "The Power of Sharing" so we are able to support lots of people at once and we invite you join and share in the power of Young Living.