Inhale. Breathe it In!


Aromatherapy is what we traditionally think of when we think of the benefits of essential oils.  And that is because the quickest way to reach your brain is to breathe it in (it takes about 20 seconds for the molecules to travel to your brain and reach your Limbic System - your emotional brain).  But real therapeutic essential oils go far beyond just a lovely scent.  You can inhale an essential oil to clear your sinuses, clear your lungs, elevate a mood, kill airborne bacteria or enhance your memories and cognitive abilities.  


And it's so easy to inhale!  There are a variety of ways to inhale an oil.  You can inhale it right out of the bottle, you can take a drop or two in your hands and cup up to your nose, or you can add some essential oil to a diffuser (see below for diffusers) and turn it on and let the aroma "therapy" begin!


Apply. Rub me in!


Got a cranky muscle or heavy feeling in your head?  Is your back or neck killing you?  Are your joints not happy with you when you move? Did you get a nasty bug bite or scrape on your leg?  Is your menstrual cycle cramping your style?  Is your skin a mess?  Then rub on some oils, baby!

Rubbing an essential oil directly onto an area can provide you with quick relief and it's so easy to do.   You can also apply essential oils directly to an area or with a compress, in a bath and/or in a massage.  


Work out those tense muscles, rub away that headache, stop the sting of that bug, get your fingers moving, feel good all over...all with a few drops of essential oils.  

Ingest. Down the Hatch!


Not all essential oils are created equal.  Ingesting an essential oil is how you know if your oil is the real deal or if you using a fake.  Young Living essential oil are the only essential oils with the FDA GRAS on their label!   You can feel good knowing that you can safely ingest their oils.  


Why would you want to swallow an oil anyhow?  Maybe you have a sore throat or tummy issues.  Maybe you are getting sick or have the flu.  



*Note: Don't start ingesting, rubbing or inhaling essential oils without some support and knowledge.  And that is what the Oil Babes are here for.  We can not diagnose, treat or prescribe, but we can help you find the proper resources so you are empowered to make the right decisions for your health and the health of your family and children

How to use essential oils


The ways to use Essential Oils are almost endless.  See below for the ways to apply/use them, and don't fret!  The Empowered Oilers, as a group, was created to make sure you feel empowered to use the oils safely and effectively.  We are here to support you.  Click Here to connect with the "Empowered Oiler" who introduced you if you need help or have questions.


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Diffuse. Plug in and Power Up!


These niffty little machines are a life saver!  And almost too easy to's almost unfair!​  Amoratherapy diffusers come in all shapes, styles and hava a variety of benefits.  




Click Here to read more about the variety of diffusers offered from Young Living and how just plugging in these powerful dudads can Power Up your wellness.