Example of how it all works...

Quick Note on the Essential Oils Essential Oil Kit...Which is better to buy?

$160 -  $260 value $209.65 - $411.65

savings of $49.65 - $151.65

$129 value $134.75 - Savings of $5.75

Step 1. Your List

  1. Take a look at your list - plan out each month and look over monthly promotions.  Is there any products on your list?  Don't forget gifts! People love oils for baby showers, mother's day or father's day, teachers, friends and more!

Step 2. Monthly Promotions

  1. Take a look at the Monthly Promotions.  Are there items YL is giving away for free that are on your list? If so, what are the qualifications?

  2. Let's say the promotion for this month is over 100pv ER - you receive a free lavender and purchases over 190pv receive a peppermint and a free bottle of OmegaGize.  Wow!  you have lavender, peppermint and OmegaGize on your list!  Now what to buy to qualify for this month's promotion?

Step 3. Join Essential Rewards

Many of these products last for more than one month, so you will be buying different products each month.

  1. Decide what you need most from your list.  A great place to start is by detoxing the home.  Get the Thieves Essential Reward kit for $115.  The wholesale value of this kit is $144.  You just saved $29 for thieves products on your list.  This kit should last you a few month at least.

  2. Continue detoxing with the Thieves Laundry Soap for $28.75.  A tiny amount is all that is needed - this last me at least a few months.

  3. You really need a Deep Relief for $26.75.  Deep Relief last me a few months at time.

  4. And you want to make sure you have some "Just-in-case" products on hand and Oregano is the perfect oil to start with for $27.75

  5. Totally your ER order at $198.25 = Qualifying for the lavender, peppermint & OmegaGize - a wholesale value of $103.75.



 Wowza!!  Based on our example, you just got

Young Living to pay for $103.75 of your products

but wait - there's more!!

For Month One - you could have earned

$19.82 in Essential Reward Points 

People on the ER program after 25 months could earn $49.56

You can spend these points the following month or save them up!

Use your points to

Get Young Living to pay for ALL your items on your list!