I Want To Share!



So, you are ready to Share!!  Awesome. Do you like fun, playful gatherings (Girls Night Out) or would you prefer a relaxing spa experience (Ahhhhh)?  


Maybe talking about supporting your immunity, emotions or a "green" home is more important to you.  Maybe a little fun with kiddies (Mommy & Me).  It's all up to you!  Get together with a friend or two or make a block party out of it.   Here are your next steps...


  1. Decide how you want to Share...in-person or virtual

  2. Decide how many people do you want to share with.  1? 5? 20?

  3. Have an idea of when do you want to Share.  This month? Next Month?

  4. Contact Us!  click the button below and we contact you to set it all

  • Important things to remember for "hosting" a Sharing event

  • #1...we do all the work (whether you want a Sharing Gathering in your own home, our home or online...we've got you covered).

  • #2...you just need to invite your friends/family (we will send you the invitation to send out...and we have a variety of ways to reach your friends...postcards? emails? facebook? - it's all up to you).

  • #3...be available for the event 

5.   Decide how you would like to be compensated

  • See Below to learn about the ways you can be compensated for your event.



We want to



Sharing Has It's Perks Because We Love to Say Thank You...and You Get to Choose How we Do It!


You Choose Your Thank You

(BONUS: all options include Sharing the gift of Health & Wellness to friends and family):


1) I choose to Earn Poducts.  We won' limit your choices...you get to choose from hundreds (YL has over 500 items) of health & wellness products from Young Living (no additional requirements).  Earn your Enrollment Kit, a Feelings Oil Kit, Fabulous Skin Care, Supplements, Kid's Care, Pet Care...Young Living has over 500 products for you to choose from!  This is your opportunity to begin your Healthy Lifestyle Transformation...and how nice to get it for FREE!

2) I choose to Earn Cash. Depending on the event outcome, you can earn BIG BUCKS...just think about all the great things you could do with some extra cash...my first Sharing Event...I made over $500!   Don't worry, I'm not going to ask you to go into business with me.  This is your "thank you" for Sharing Wellness!

3) I choose to Earn Cash & Products.  Yep...you can do both.  It's always up to you.

4) Wait a minute...maybe I do want to Build my Own Business (full time, part time, side project).  This option is NEVER a requirement for Sharing! Our Sharing comes with not strings or future requirements, purchase, sharing or anything!   But...if you want it...you can have it ALL!  Begin building your Home-Based Young Living business helping others feel better today!  Not sure what to do or where to start?  You are in luck! Our quickly expanding team has done it!  We know how to make it in this industry.  Our group has the training (conducted by supportive and passionate members who succeed by ensuring your success), community (we call our groups tribes because working along side people we care about it important to us) and success (like I said...we've done it - so can you-we will help you).  Contact us today to set up a Business Building conversation. 


If you are curious as to why you may want to build a Young Living business...answer Yes or No to these questions.


  1. I like helping people.

  2. I like working at my own pace - when I want, where I want and how I want.

  3. I like not having a boss, but love having supportive, positive friends who are there to teach me everything I need to know in order to be successful in my business and will stand by me for the long term.

  4. I like to travel (or I like that I never or rarely have to travel).

  5. I like working from home.

  6. I like working with amazing, supportive co-workers that are more like friends than co-workers.

  7. I like having more time to spend with my family and/or friends when I want.

  8. I like not having to worrying about getting laid off.

  9. I like working in my own stress-free environment.

  10. I like not commuting and the extra time I have to do the things I enjoy.

  11. Warren Buffet ( the most successful investor of the 20th century),  Tom Peters, Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Robert Kiyosaki, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Bob Proctor, Les Brown, Dr. Charlotte Phelps, Paul Zane Pilzer, Jim Collins, Stephen Covey, Bill Gates and David Bachendorse the Network Marketing model.

  12. I really like having a passive, residual income!

  13. I like having my own business that I can sell if I choose to do so.

  14. I've always wanted my own business, but I'm aware that 90% of them fail in the 1st five years.

  15. I like that is VERY little "start up" fees for a Young Living business.

  16. I like that Young Living will never tell me to meet any quota or push me to "sell".

  17. I like that I am Sharing...not selling.

  18. I like sleeping in.

  19. I like having a business that when I wake up each morning, I am excite I can help someone new.

  20. I like being home for my children.

  21. I like having a business that allows me to stay home and raise my children.

  22. I like having a business that role models, health, integrity, passion, caring and love.

  23. I like having a business where I feel connected to others, no matter where I live. 

  24. I like having little to no overhead.

  25. I like having a business that I enjoy 100% of the time.

  26. I like having a business that does not require additional education (just some training in the field - and we've got you covered).

  27. I like that I can choose to work part time, full time, as a side project, as a hobby or a combination of all. 

  28. I like that Young Living is a global company and I can do business in almost ANYWHERE in the world.

  29. I like that 80% of Young Living's distributors say they would continue to share the product even if they weren't paid for it.

  30. I like that Young Living is rated at #4 in the world for top Network Marketing companies.

  31. I like that Young Living has a 20 year track record of producing and distributing oils and I know they will continue to be around for the long-haul.

  32. I like that Young Living is not a start-up Network Marketing company, because I know that 95% of them go out of business within the first 5 years.

  33. I like that Young Living has intergrity and won't settle for cheap, harmful products, marketing campaigns or attacking their competition.

  34. I like that Young Living offers amazing prizes and trips to their business builders.

  35. I like that Young Living will continue to pay me if I get sick, get hurt, take a vacation, or retire (along every YL member I know says they can't image retiring because that would be mean not helping others learn about essential oils).  


If you answered yes to just one of these questions...you may want to talk to us more about starting your very own Young Living business.   There is no commitments.  Let's just chat and you can learn more...and we sure won't pressure you.  We work with integrity.  If it resonates with you...we will be trill to have you join our team.  If it does not...we will trilled you choose the right choice for you!  Click the button below to contact us and we'll get in touch right away!